Tailor-made escape game

  • Do you have a business project to promote? You want to sublimate a particular place?
  • Or, put your company's values on a pedestal?
  • Are you eager for new, innovative, timely and effective means of communication?


We offer you our tailor-made escape game creation solution, especially for your needs.

Together, we will start by defining your targets to reach and the type of your host audience. We will investigate the story or the object of promotion, to embroider a story scripted around true and authentic facts and values.


  • Product Marketing : launch of a new product.
  • Tailor-made escape game : promote your brand through new means of communication exploiting new channels and web platforms.


Embark for the immersion according to the image you intend to transmit!
Everything is possible, just imagine your communication campaign in the form of a classic or Giant Escape Game imbued with the values of your society!

Development time: from 1 month
Price: from 4000 CHF

Our references

Real Life Game au Château de Lucens
The Fear Castle
Participants: 140 joueurs
Goal: Showcase the exceptional medieval heritage of our region by creating a giant game with a breathtaking scenario mixing crime, intrigue and mysteries.
Custom-made escape game at the command of Moudon Tourisme
"M the Cursed"
Participants: 70 persons

Purpose: highlight the local cultural and architectural heritage through the putting into play of history to freeze you the blood of Moudon's last condemned to death. We created a giant escape game based on a mysterious crime novel, made as part of the Halloween festivities.

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