300 meters under The Geneva Lake
You have discovered a mesoscaphe abandoned by 300 meters deep, at the bottom of Lake Geneva.
Accompanied by your team, you enter the abandoned submersible.

But wait! What is happening? The rusty door of the airlock is out of operation. And the dilapidated ship will yield at any moment. Water drips on the walls. Quickly, get out before finishing crushed and lost forever.

• Search : 1/5
• Logic : 4/5
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H.E.I.D.I. Space Adventure
Heidi, a young orphan, is forced to come aboard the small spaceship "Bot-Q" of the lonely vagabond nicknamed Space-Grandpa.
Unfortunately, the GrayZone galaxy is under the yoke of the obnoxious General Petharr, who crisscrosses the space accompanied by his fleet of Space-Horns. These evil ships are used to strip the planets of their energy.
Once aspirated, the energy is condensed to become a revolutionary energy source, the Space Milk.
Heidi enters the hold of a Space-Horn to steal a stock of Spacemilk without being caught by the horrible Bell-Head troopers.
Welcome to H.E.I.D.I. (Headquarters for Extrasolar Invaders Defence Intelligence) The Galactic Rebellion Movement.
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